The Designer

Carolina Páez, a Spanish-Venezuelan designer, has worked for many years in branding with fashion brands and luxury cosmetics. In the past 20 years, she has lived in different continents – the US, Europe and Asia, obtaining her Masters in Fashion Management in Madrid-Spain. On completing her Masters’, she started SaltyLulla by Carolina Paez, a brand that is now sold in select countries

After living in India for over 9 years, Carolina has been able to explore and understand the local market and its finer nuances of cultural diversity and fashion trends. This diversity and contrast has inspired her creations in all aspects of her work – fashion, branding and interior projects.

During her time in India she has forged close relationships and collaborations with other designers, craftsmen and producers from different creative areas across the country, with a view to empower and be inclusive thus nurturing and evolving a synergy that has created some of her best work.

In this continued quest, Carolina and her partner Architect. Jacqueline See have created an innovative platform ‘ The Design Wall’ that works on the synergy between architecture, branding and fashion. Their forte is also in collaborating with other professionals to create an ever evolving, exciting and edgy space for the genesis of strong ideas.

The Brand

SaltyLulla by Carolina Páez has its roots in the French Caribbean, and seeks to produce garments imbued with feelings of freedom, femininity and style.
Its designs are a mixture of the Caribbean and the urban style of big cities, evolving in a more minimal tropical chic style, where the colors and designs take shape taking the inspiration of her travels, experiences and dreams. Characterized by the careful and delicate selection of fabrics mainly manufactured in 100% Cotton, patterning and designs and now introducing a line of accessories, each piece has a unique personality.

A philosophy based on quality dressmaking and a return to craftsmanship with an attention to detail makes these outfits perfect for those who appreciate their production value. They are timeless creations, for women who prefer the comfort and style of simplicity, feeling elegant and sexy, no matter what the season , born in the french Caribbean, developed between Spain and India

Slow down and enjoy the beauty of life

Slow down and enjoy the beauty of life